Ian White


 I have always had a keen interest in business and have been both employee and business owner so I am well placed to ‘see’ things from both side of the fence. I am a great believer of not labelling yourself too just because you may work as a ‘…….’ This does not mean it defines you, chase your dreams and don’t be afraid of trying.

My all-time favourite quote is as follows; ‘If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants’. I look forward to meeting you at our events.


I am Cath Morrison, part owner of Jim’s Pet Supplies, based in Chard.

I am the company secretary for Chard Business Voice ltd.

As part of the team I am looking forward to working with other businesses in the town and my aim is to get Chard back up to a reasonable footfall within the town.


Passionate about helping small businesses and micro businesses succeed Anne brings a wealth of knowledge to Chard Business Voice.

Anne has had the pleasure to have taught. mentored and worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, professionals and business staff in marketing, IT and entrepreneurial skills. She looks forward to working with many more in her role as marketing consultant and trainer with Chard Business Voice.