Recently we met with Debbie of The Project in Axminster set up to increase young people’s self awareness and confidence, as well as building their emotional resilience. The Project also aims to promote a wider understanding and awareness of mental illness, to reduce the fear, stigma and discrimination that goes along with it.

The Project is a highly regarded successful approach to supporting young people experiencing mental health issues. It is primarily intended to be an early intervention and prevention service but also provides support to those with more serious mental health issues.

The Project wants other young people to benefit from the model they have developed and has established a licensing arrangement to enable organizations in other parts of the UK to use The Project’s methods and materials to support young people’s mental health needs in their communities.

 What does The Project do?

  • Facilitates peer support groups for young people
  • Holds monthly support groups for parents and carers
  • Provides mental information and signposting for young people and their families
  • Advocates for young people and parents with mental health services, schools, GP’s and commissioners.
  • Mental Health Awareness Talks
  • Mental Health  Workshops and Training

For more information contact The Project

Young People’s Centre

Lyme Road

Axminster EX13 5AZ

01404 549045